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You CAN make beautiful changes in your life, and I can teach you how!

HI!  I'm Mary Beth!

I'm a wife, a mom of 4, personal development and life coach, speaker, and host of the "If She Can, You Can" podcast.  It's my life's mission to help other women...

  • Figure out what they truly want out of life and how to get it
  • Feel happier and more fulfilled
  • Find passion and purpose
  • Develop customized systems to finally stay on track and see things through


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Mary Beth Henry, Personal Development + Life Coach

I've been there with the anxiety, self doubt, boredom, and feeling trapped in a career I was no longer loving. It wasn't easy, but I figured out how to break free and now I'm teaching others to do the same! I help women go from living life in "default mode" to living a life intentionally using something called positive psychology and strategic intervention. With me, you will be able to get comfortable with imperfection, control your anxiety and ward off depression, and find fulfillment, happiness and wellbeing like never before! Here are some ways I can help...


Join me weekly to learn, explore, and hear amazingly inspirational stories of ordinary moms doing extraordinary things!

Figure It Out Mindset Bootcamp


Join me for 60 days of crafting your BEST life!  You will learn how to create a growth mindset, more positive emotions, stronger more solid relationships, how to tackle goals and find more fulfillment!  


Perfectly Imperfect Parenting Workshop Series


2 Part workshop series to learn how to increase the gratitude and decrease the attitude in your home.  You will learn positive parenting techniques as well as how to foster a growth mindset

Corporate workshops to increase job satisfaction , "Positive + Happy Work"

In this workshop, you and your employees/coworkers will learn how to...

 - Create more happiness and well-being in all areas of life.

- Capitalize on your personal character strengths.

- Create more positive work relationships based on understanding and appreciation across all disciplines. 

- Change negative thinking and moods.

- Create a growth mindset for professional and personal goals.

Sound like something you could use at your place of employment?  Click below to set up a time to hear more!

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