Preparing to Re-Enter the World Post Pandemic- Tips from a Strategic Intervention Life Coach

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Episode 11: If She Can, You Can Podcast-  An episode devoted to helping you re-enter the world Post-pandemic!  As more and more things are starting to open up (businesses, offices) and the state restrictions are lightening, it is completely normal to have a mixed bag of emotions. Anxiety, apprehension, excitement... it's all normal!  This pandemic has been extremely hard for everyone, we've experienced change and loss that no one could have anticipated.  

This episode explained why we've all been ROCKED by this pandemic using the 6 Basic Human Needs philosophy, coming from yours truly... a strategic intervention life coach!  In addition, I help you understand how you can find certainty in this time of uncertainty, and things to consider as you re-enter the world.  

According to strategic intervention coaching, the 6 basic human needs are our motivation behind all of our actions.  Everything we do we do to meet one of these needs.  These needs are...







Learning different ways you meet these needs is something I cover in my coaching, and truly helps you understand yourself, your motivations, and new ways to meet your needs.  Of all these needs, our need for certainty has been the most effected by this pandemic.  The need to know we're safe and secure.  The need to have a predictable future.  So what can we do to remedy this?  Listen below!



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