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Mary Beth

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My name is Mary Beth Henry.  I'm a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner specializing in helping women get unstuck and out of ruts.  I’m a wife, mom of 4, foster mom, business owner, and former registered nurse.  I’m a proud Jersey girl living on the Connecticut shoreline with a fierce love of family, friends, and very strong faith.

I’m a regular mom, with hopes, dreams, and about a million other things that keep me up at night- just like you.  I love yacht rock, 90s gangster rap, and club music from my college years (and most recently country!)... and I dance hard AF to all of them like no one is watching.  I love cocktails with friends, date nights with my man, staying up late, and laughing till tears.  Oh, and my kids! My proudest legacy and gift to this world.

I’m serious about making an impact. Serious about growth and contribution. Serious about raising good humans. I’m serious about being happy and fulfilled.  I am serious about helping YOU have the life you want.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, focused on everyone else’s opinion, and seeing zero possibilities or options- I feel you girl!  I know exactly how this feels- been there, done that!   I have worked hard to change my mindset, and even harder to change my circumstances.

My passion is personal development and life coaching, specifically for moms who feel “that spark” but don’t know the next step to take.  I want to help people uncover all the things that will LIGHT THEM UP and help them feel fulfilled.  #mindbodyandsoul.

You only have one life, and it should be incredible! 

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