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Figure It Out: Your 30-Day Blueprint to Breakthrough starts Jauary 2nd!

Figure It Out is an empowering 30-Day Blueprint to Breakthrough exclusively designed for moms and women navigating the challenges of feeling stuck in life's monotony aka “default mode.”  If you're grappling with stress, a sense of boredom, and barriers like time, money, energy, and support, you're in the right place.

In this transformative journey, we're not just breaking free from the rut; we're building a roadmap to lasting fulfillment and growth. Together, we'll tackle the hurdles that may have hindered you in the past and finally stop repeating the same mistakes.

Throughout the program, you'll not only cultivate a growth mindset and generate more positive emotions but also learn the invaluable skills of self-love and compassion. Uncover your unique character strengths and values, using them as powerful tools to propel your life forward.  We’ll then translate these discoveries into tangible goals, providing you with the skills to not only set but achieve them. Learn the art of resilience—how to glean wisdom from failures and keep moving forward even when life throws curveballs your way.

Join me on this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. It's not just about breaking out of the rut; it's about embracing a life of purpose, resilience, and contribution. Let's navigate this path together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Figure It Out" is a 30 program broken up into 4 weekly sections.  Each week you will have new information released to your student library in the form of videos as well as self study work to complete on your own.  This will be all accessed on my website in your personal library that you have access to via sign in and password. 

In addition, you are encouraged to access Mary Beth via Voxer (free app,) as well as email to speak about anything that comes up, personal questions/concerns.  There will be one live session via Zoom for q + a, and group coaching.

The cost is $197 for the 30 day session and that includes access to the content forever.  Payment accepted via Paypal.  Special arrangements can be made by contacting Mary Beth directly [email protected] 

This is a self-paced course with the recommendation of 30 days.  You get to use this at your own pace, but you will only have direct access to coaching and help from Mary Beth for the 30 days.  Please contact Mary Beth for further details [email protected]









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