If She Can, You Can- Interview with Christin O'Connor and Jill Williams, co-creators of My Friend's Friend

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2021


If you have ever "googled" to find recommendations for "the best" anything... this is the episode for you!  In this episode you will hear from co-creators of the Instagram account, My Friend's Friend @my_friends_friend, Christin O'Connor and Jill Williams.  This account is your one-stop-shop for recommendations on things from baby items, to fall fashion, to even dinner recipes!  Christin and Jill are former co-workers and current friends who know the power of word of mouth and crowd sourcing.  They give THE BEST recommendations, and also have the best business ideas!

In this episode you will hear all about their decision to create this business together, hear their advice on working from home and going into business with a friend, and their amazing ideas for the future!!

This is a candid conversation about what it's like to Dream- Decide- Dedicate- and Do!  This account is 100% a must follow, and I'm sure you will love hearing from these 2 and happily consider yourself a friend's friend just like I do.  

Join the 3 Day Happy Mom Challenge next month with My Friend's Friends!  It's completely free and guaranteed to help you out of a slump and get you feeling great!

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"We are two NJ mommas who are former co-workers turned real life best friends! Jill currently lives near where she grew up in Waldwick, NJ with her husband Brandon + their son Carter [age 2]. Christin lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband Tom + their son Hudson [age 1].
We met while working retail executive jobs at Lord + Taylor in 2010.  While at L+T, we would always brainstorm random business ideas that could allow us to "be our own boss" one day. Then during the pandemic we found ourselves jobless + really struggled having something of our "own"; new moms + pandemic = perfect excuse to totally neglect yourself.
We got more serious discussing things we do well, what sets us apart from other people + how we could turn that into a business - from there [+ a logo drawing on a napkin] My Friend's Friend  was born in November 2020! 
My Friend's Friend was started out of frustration with the influencer world and their disingenuous product support. It's become impossible to tell what's real and what isn't! Our goal is to create a place where you can trust information because it's coming from your friends...and their friends. We do this by crowd sourcing recommendations based on questions our followers ask. Our moto - girlfriends>google...real people, influencing real people.
Another motivation was our incredible circle of friends and family! You know those people who are always like "oh wait, I know someone who can help" or "oh yea, I got a guy!". We are those people. We truly believe we are surrounded by and connected with the most amazing bunch. We want to not just share that network with followers but invite them in!"

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