If She Can, You Can- Interview with Hannah Hopkins Walton, owner of Somebunny

Episode #5 of the "If She Can, You Can" podcast is so very special to me.  This is my very first INTERVIEW episode and it's with such a special person.  Meet Hannah Hopkins Walton, of Somebunny, an amazing company that provides post op comforts for breast cancer patients.  

Here is what Hannah had to say...

"My spirit animal is a rhinoceros-monkey-kitten, I’ll just call it a rhinomonitty for short.
I come by my quirkiness authentically, my grandfather was in the circus and wrestled a bear (not kidding).
My 2 weirdest jobs. Doing research in a genetics lab and being an oddly overpayed bathroom attendant, having to dress as the Charmin bear.
I know that life is uniquely messy and awesome.
I started my company, Somebunny, after a recent run-in with breast cancer.
My goal is to help make breast cancer not suck quite so badly by offering post op comfort products, off-color humor and sharing authentic stories from badass women.
Look for my podcast coming soon, Hannah’s Superbad Podcast!"

In this episode you will learn all about Hannah's breast cancer battle, what inspired her to create her post-op breast cancer shirt, and how she went about the creative process, manufacturing, and all the hurdles along the way.  I am truly inspired by this story of resilience, tenacity, and hard work.  

The best part is, I know... If She Can, You Can.

You can check out Hannah's website here... www.somebunnyawesome.com to see her amazing products, and please feel free to follow her and reach out to her on Instagram @somebunnyawesome.

Hannah, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your story.  I know this story is going to inspire so many people, just as it has done for me!


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