What Holds You Back? “TIME”

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

If this Covid crisis has done anything positive it’s the fact that it’s given us a little extra time to let our minds wander. Out of chaos can come opportunity, and it all starts with our ability to dream.

Yet so many of those dreams remain just that- dreams. We have things holding us back from making the decision to ACTUALLY GO FOR IT. Through my work with mentoring women with my business I’ve had tons and tons of conversations about people’s dreams and identified a list of limitations we tend to put on ourselves as to why we simply cannot do It. The first and possibly most common challenge for people is- TIME.

We know that time is valuable. It’s the only thing that is completely equal for all of us, and it cannot be purchased. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! If you have something on your heart that you would love to pursue but you feel you simply cannot find the time, I need to beg to differ. If it matters to you, you’ll find the time. You find the time for things with your kids, you find the time to watch the Netflix show everyone is talking about, you find the time for drinks with friends, you find the time for exercise… these things are important to you. If it isn’t important enough to you, you’ll find an excuse.

So let’s get real for a minute… what’s it worth to you? If you can say that your dream really is important to you, then you have no choice but to find the time to lovingly pursue it. You may not have the time to devote 100% of your free time to your dream, that’s completely ok. You can find the time to get started. You can find the time to start planting seeds. You can figure it out! Just because time is a challenge doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Time is a challenge for everyone who wants more for their lives.

Time is a challenge. I have 4 little kids (sometimes 5 if we have a foster baby), and I’m not always very organized. I work for myself but from home, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I spent years chasing my day- waking up exhausted and running behind on everything. I have been able to take back my life by identifying a system that now runs on autopilot. Like with anything else, I have good days and bad days, but when the bad start outnumbering the good I know that I can regroup and take back my clock.

If you would like to take control of your time, I have 7 steps you can take to find more time to pursue your dream. Check out my (very amateur) video here! Tips and tricks about how to find time, and create a system for yourself so you can deal with anything that may pop up.


If all of these things actually seem pretty obvious to you, you may actually be using TIME as an excuse. Maybe you actually aren’t going for your dream for a different reason, possibly fear! Be honest with yourself. It’s ok! Going for it can be scary, but you can do it.

For more help with time management, or pursuing your dream please contact me! I offer FREE coaching consultations (absolutely no strings attached) by request and we can see if my systems can help you finally get the thing you’ve always wanted! email me at [email protected] or Direct Message me on Instagram @_marybethhenry_. It is MY dream to be able to help you.


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