3 Things That Will Happen When You Finally Get Started

I know that getting started with anything new can be scary but let's just break this down into what REALLY happens when you "start today".  

There is so much buzz around the concept of not waiting to be ready, and as author and motivational business coach Angie Lee says "ready is a lie."  There are journals, books, endless motivational social media posts encouraging people to get started working towards their dreams, don't let anything hold you back, and to combat your limiting beliefs.  Leaders in the personal development field base a tremendous amount of their businesses and coaching around this, and for good reason!  So much good, happiness, abundance, and genius lies on the other side of ‘going for It'.  We all have gifts, blessings, and purposes on this earth yet we wait to share them... 

Why do we so often wait to get started? 

One reason is that we feel like we need to be completely prepared and "ready".  Have all our ducks in a row.  Afterall, we were all taught to put our best foot forward and we don’t want to make a sloppy attempt at something and risk so much!  This is an old way of thinking.  No one is suggesting that you bite off more than you can chew, the idea is taking the first step. 


When you take the first step towards something you will likely feel a ton of different emotions.  Fears of failure, what others think, financial demise all come to the forefront of our minds and many times stop us dead in their tracks.  Taking one small step in the direction of your goal will not ruin you... in fact it will probably feel great!  Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

If you want to REALLY know what to expect when you finally get started, here it is...

  1. You build your brave muscle.  Whenever you do something in spite of feeling fear, you start to build up a part of you that creates willpower, courage, and confidence.  If you want to build your muscles, you lift weights, right?  You use your muscles to build bigger muscles.  Well, if you want to build any emotion or character trait, you must use it!  The more you use it, the easier it gets to use it again and again.  
  2. You feel proud of yourself.  We all long for that feeling of making someone else proud, but nothing is more satisfying than making yourself proud.  Following through and doing something you once thought was hard is an amazing way to feel proud of yourself.  This energy spills over into all areas of your life!  Someone who creates pride also builds self esteem and self worth.  People with higher self worth are higher performers at work and also have stronger relationships. 
  3. You become an attractor of good things.  When you build your confidence and self-worth you become a "high vibe" human.  You know those people that you just want to be around?  That's what happens- you become one of those people.  You attract great relationships, other like-minded people, and even more opportunities.  


We know that life and time are so valuable, and that the more time we spend hemming and hawing over decisions is just wasted time and taking us further away from living a life we really want.  The whole saying "nothing ventured nothing gained" isn’t strong enough of a statement.  The truth is, nothing ventured nothing LIVED.  To live your life to the fullest, to truly appreciate the gifts we have- the talents and blessings, we need to LIVE.  This is more than researching, this is experiencing what life has to offer and yes… taking some risks. 

Strategic intervention coaching focuses on 6 basic human needs.  The need for certainty, variety (uncertainty), love/connection, significance, growth, and contribution.  Chances are if trying new things is a big struggle for you, you probably highly value your need for certainty.  This is fine, but I also want you to consider that the need for uncertainty is there too.  The thrill, the risk, the unknown… this is like the rising action parts of a story that make it worth reading.  Your life needs this variety to give you the drive to live!  Seeking out new ways to meet this need, such as trying something new that you’ve been desiring to do could be just the thing! 

Coaching can help you see where you are being held back, and help you figure out new ways to move past your limiting thoughts and beliefs. It isn't always easy to figure out why certain things cause us such trouble, or how to break patterns that show up in our lives.  Coaching helps pull back the curtains to these limiting beliefs and patterns, and helps you replace them with something new that actually works and serves you!

I don’t want you to settle for a life that is limited to the here and now that you aren’t thrilled with!  The thing that is even more fun and fulfilling than dreaming about the possibilities is actually LIVING them.  Take the first step in faith, and watch a new world unfold.  Taking just one small step helps you “build your brave” and gives you the mental push to do it again.  You’ll see that nothing that you can’t handle will come your way and that the world is full of resources to help you with each and every step. 


Nothing ventured, nothing LIVED.  Leave your legacy, share your gifts.



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