3 Things That Will Happen When You Finally Get Started

I know that getting started with anything new can be scary but let's just break this down into what REALLY happens when you "start today".  

There is so much buzz around the concept of not waiting to be ready, and as author and motivational business coach Angie Lee says "ready is a lie."  There are journals, books, endless motivational social media posts encouraging people to get started working towards their dreams, don't let anything hold you back, and to combat your limiting beliefs.  Leaders in the personal development field base a tremendous amount of their businesses and coaching around this, and for good reason!  So much good, happiness, abundance, and genius lies on the other side of ‘going for It'.  We all have gifts, blessings, and purposes on this earth yet we wait to share them... 

Why do we so often wait to get started? 

One reason is that we feel like we need to be completely prepared and "ready".  Have all our ducks in a...

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