Mindset 101- 3 Steps to Getting Started

mindset Mar 17, 2021

Episode #3 of the If She Can, You Can Podcast!  This episode is called "Mindset 101- 3 Steps to get started".  Give It a listen and let me know what you think!  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave me a 5 star review :)

In this episode I explain exactly WHY mindset work is so important and explain 3 important steps to take if you are looking to change your mindset.  I truly believe that this is life-changing work.  It helps you realize that you are in the driver's seat of your life!

The very first thing you need to do when you are trying to change to a positive mindset is have a lot of awareness and pay close attention.  Pay attention to your thoughts and the limits you put on yourself.  There are many reasons we have limiting beliefs.  Maybe you were told you weren't good enough as a child, and you've carried that into your adulthood.  Now is the time to notice when these thoughts come through, and make the decision to change.

The next step is simply to decide how you want to feel.  If you noticed in step 1 that you spend a lot of time feeling down, nervous, unworthy- is this how you want to feel?  If you make the decision that you want to feel good and start living with more intention (deciding beforehand how you want to show up) then you can make the changes you need!

The last and probably most important step to begin changing your mindset is to get more grateful.  This is something you will hear me talk more and more about because mindset work begins and ends with gratitude.  Gratitude rewires your brain to look for more positivity in your life, and because of that you will have a much more open and positive mindset.  Gratitude work will effect all areas of your life!

Mindset work is a process and it takes time.  It requires a willingness and desire for change.  The life you want is out there, but to get it you first must conquer what's going on in your head.  The more aware you are of your limits and the more noticing you do the better your mindset will become.


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