What Type of Mindset Do You Have?


Do you ever wonder why some people seem to always have success with anything they do?  Like the world is rigged in their favor?  

In this episode you will learn all about the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset and why you need growth mindset to have success.  


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What To Do If You've Fallen Off Track

Summer months are tough when it comes to goals.  Kids are home and our high hopes of making positive changes in our lives are exchanged for busy days with kids, vacations, late nights and the demands of life.  

Luckily I have some good news for you.  You aren't alone!  This happens to everyone and you are not a failure.  Use this as a time to regroup and do a little examination of how you have been going about things.  So many people have this problem, and It isn't your fault!  

In this episode I show you a clear path to what you want by examining 3 important things.  Once you nail this down, you will be able to jump back on any time you fall off track!  

Interested in doing some more work in this area?  Join the Mindset Makeover!  3 nights of virtual fun where we work on mindset, goals, confidence, relationships, fashion, and wellness.  You will NOT want to miss it!!





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If She Can, You Can FAQs Answered!


In this episode of If She Can, You Can I tackle all your frequently asked questions!  Anywhere from podcast questions, to coaching questions, to questions about balancing kids and business (hint- there's no such thing as balance! ha!)

To learn more about my upcoming workshops, make sure you sign up for my newsletter here!

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Living with Intention!- Bonus Episode of "If She Can, You Can"

So excited to bring you a little bonus episode of "If She Can, You Can"!

Episode 013- Living with Intention!

Do you know what it means to live with intention?    Living with intention is all about having awareness of you thoughts and feelings, and doing things on purpose instead of on auto-pilot.  Creating your life this way allows you a tremendous amount of freedom, gives you a greater sense of purpose and gives your life more meaning.  It helps you achieve goals and feel proud of yourself.  It helps you serve more and feel more abundance.  It helps you have less stress and overwhelm!

In this bonus episode I go over the why and how to live life with more intention.  In addition, I explain my new and completely FREE weekly newsletter coming out on Monday, May 10th called "Mindset Maven Monday Mail."

This newsletter is not your common newsletter full of fluff.  This is a huge boost to your inbox!  It will help you gain the mindset you...

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If She Can, You Can- Interview with Melissa Smith, Registered Dietician and Mindset Coach

 EPISODE 9: If She Can, You Can Podcast- An interview with MY coach, Melissa Smith!  I came across Melissa during a search for a coach in an area I struggle with, my health and fitness.  Melissa is an intuitive eating expert, and I found her on Instagram of all places and immediately enrolled in her 12 week program.  I cannot wait for you to learn from her, there are just so many amazing takeaways in this episode!

In this episode you will learn all about intuitive eating mindset, you will learn the dangers of diet culture and how to end the yo-yo dieting once and for all.  You will hear about how Melissa went from being a product of diet culture, to being a solution, and how her business and coaching can help you too! 


"Melissa Smith is a registered dietitian & mindset coach helping women ditch yo-yo dieting, make peace with food, unapologetically listen to their intuition and boost body image. Her mission is to demystify mindful living and...

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Spring Cleaning Tips- Declutter Your Mind

Episode #8 of If She Can, You Can Podcast!  Are you ready for a little SPRING CLEANING?


Spring is upon us and with spring comes... spring cleaning!  As the snow melts and all the debris of winter storms is left on our yards a lot of the same things are happening in our heads.  Life has been so bizarre this past year and as people are getting vaccinated and the nice weather is upon us, it's likely that we're thinking about venturing back out into the world a little more.  This means it's time to clear the clutter in our minds so we can fully enjoy life again!

In this episode you will learn 4 simple tips to clear the mental clutter, remind yourself what's important, and how to set yourself up for greatness every single day.  

Some great takeaways...

  • Have some compassion for yourself and what you've been through.  This was a hard year and if things aren't exactly how you want them to be, it's ok!  Give yourself a little grace... now and...
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Mindset 101- 3 Steps to Getting Started

mindset Mar 17, 2021

Episode #3 of the If She Can, You Can Podcast!  This episode is called "Mindset 101- 3 Steps to get started".  Give It a listen and let me know what you think!  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave me a 5 star review :)

In this episode I explain exactly WHY mindset work is so important and explain 3 important steps to take if you are looking to change your mindset.  I truly believe that this is life-changing work.  It helps you realize that you are in the driver's seat of your life!

The very first thing you need to do when you are trying to change to a positive mindset is have a lot of awareness and pay close attention.  Pay attention to your thoughts and the limits you put on yourself.  There are many reasons we have limiting beliefs.  Maybe you were told you weren't good enough as a child, and you've carried that into your adulthood.  Now is the time to notice when these thoughts come through, and make the decision to change.

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5 Tips for a Better Mindset

 Episode 2 of the If She Can, You Can Podcast!  5 tips for a better mindset and a happier life.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!  Be sure to subscribe and give me a 5 star rating!  This helps my podcast get recommended to more people.  

In this episode of the podcast I'm discussing my 5 best tips to improve your mindset and level of happiness quickly.  If you work on these 5 things consistently you will definitely see a big improvement in your overall happiness.  I want you to remember that this is all a process, and that you will definitely make some errors along the way, but that's what life is all about!  Perfect is not the goal, messy progress is!

The first suggestion made is to try to stop complaining.  This is something we all do on some level, and although It may feel good at the time complaining is actually not a good habit to have.  I like to think of It as contagious negativity.  When you complain...

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Life Coaching Tip of the Week- Become a Mindset Maven

A few months ago, I was working on creating a mindset workshop for moms that I was planning to call “The Happy Mom”.  I was a recovering grump myself and saw such massive transformation happen when I did a few simple things to change my mindset, and I was dying to help other moms create more happiness in their lives too.  The problem was that due to the current state of the world at the time it suddenly felt completely inappropriate.  How could I talk to people about being happy when life as we knew it had taken such a massive downward turn?!  How could I talk about being happy when people were sick and dying, and everyone was so fearful about this awful virus?  My workshop idea was something that would have to wait for a post-covid world, or so I thought. 

As time went on and my idea collected dust, I just kept hearing the same thing over and over again from friends, family, and moms I work with and coach… “I’m just so...

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