Grab My Hand- Help through Covid 19 pandemic

Wow, this is weird huh? Covid-19 has taken over our world and we are faced with a new way of living- cooped up at home away from society, figuring it ALL out. We are all experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions- fear, anxiety, grief, depression, comfort, gratitude, joy… all the feels. I think we can all agree that this is just WEIRD.

Somewhere along the line I’ve started to realize that this isn’t going to be a temporary problem, and that we aren’t going to go “back to normal” any time soon. Again, here comes the rollercoaster! Obviously I think things will get better, this too shall pass (as they say.) What I mean by not going “back to normal” is that we will now all have had this shared experience, and experiences can change us. Some people are going to have some serious PTSD from this craziness! Some people will have had some serious loss. Some people will see lives lost at a rate they never imagined. Some will lose loved ones....

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