5 Tips for a Better Mindset

 Episode 2 of the If She Can, You Can Podcast!  5 tips for a better mindset and a happier life.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!  Be sure to subscribe and give me a 5 star rating!  This helps my podcast get recommended to more people.  

In this episode of the podcast I'm discussing my 5 best tips to improve your mindset and level of happiness quickly.  If you work on these 5 things consistently you will definitely see a big improvement in your overall happiness.  I want you to remember that this is all a process, and that you will definitely make some errors along the way, but that's what life is all about!  Perfect is not the goal, messy progress is!

The first suggestion made is to try to stop complaining.  This is something we all do on some level, and although It may feel good at the time complaining is actually not a good habit to have.  I like to think of It as contagious negativity.  When you complain to someone else, you are actually bringing them down with you.  They begin to mentally try to match your vibration and think of negative things to add to the conversation.  Think about It, when someone is complaining to you about their job you start to think about things you don't like about your job or past jobs to add to the conversation.  This is just how people relate to each other!  So while your venting session might provide a temporary relief, you are actually wiring your brain to look for negativity.

The second tip for improving your mindset is to get more grateful!  I like to think of gratitude as the opposite of complaining.  It's contagious positivity!  There have been numerous studies on the powerful effects of a gratitude practice, and I give several suggestions on the show, but for starters you can simply begin to list out things you are grateful for everyday.  Most importantly, add new things to the list everyday.  This keeps your brain searching for the good around you, looking for things to be grateful for!  

The third suggestion is to stop the negative self-talk.  This is our inner monologue that tells us we aren't good enough, smart enough, capable enough to do and be what we want.  It perpetuates an unworthiness, and this is something that simply must stop.  You are amazing, unique, and have so many gifts to share with the world.  I go over ways to combat this terrible habit on the show, but one powerful tool is journaling.  Take some time to write down what makes you happy, proud, and like yourself.  There is something powerful about writing these things down and reading them back to yourself.  You are worthy, you just need to believe It.  

The next tip is to laugh more and worry less.  This is obviously easier said than done, but being very aware of your level of anxiety and joy is very important.  There are so many benefits to laughter, mental and physical.  We've all heard that laughter is the best medicine.  It also helps to have a plan for when you're feeling nervous.  Most important take away here is that ACTION CURES WORRY.  Don't let things fester.  If there is something you can do, then do It!

The last tip for a better mindset is to get yourself a goal.  Most of us want to live a life of fulfillment, and the best way to find fulfillment is through growth and contribution.  You can grow by setting small goals for yourself everyday.  Goals for contribution are a little bit bigger and definitely lead to much fulfillment.  Goals give you a sense of past victories,  they build confidence, and give you something to strive for.  Start small and work. your way up!

Hope you learned something new, feel excited to make a few changes in your life, and create a little more happiness.  All of these things are completely in your control.  Start small, and see what happens.  Can't wait to hear how things change for you!



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