If She Can, You Can- Interview with Melissa Smith, Registered Dietician and Mindset Coach

 EPISODE 9: If She Can, You Can Podcast- An interview with MY coach, Melissa Smith!  I came across Melissa during a search for a coach in an area I struggle with, my health and fitness.  Melissa is an intuitive eating expert, and I found her on Instagram of all places and immediately enrolled in her 12 week program.  I cannot wait for you to learn from her, there are just so many amazing takeaways in this episode!

In this episode you will learn all about intuitive eating mindset, you will learn the dangers of diet culture and how to end the yo-yo dieting once and for all.  You will hear about how Melissa went from being a product of diet culture, to being a solution, and how her business and coaching can help you too! 


"Melissa Smith is a registered dietitian & mindset coach helping women ditch yo-yo dieting, make peace with food, unapologetically listen to their intuition and boost body image. Her mission is to demystify mindful living and...

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