What To Do When You’ve Lost Focus or Momentum

There is no doubt that we are living in awkward times.  The changes in the world right now are affecting everyone in many ways, but as moms we always tend to carry it all.  Everyone’s health, happiness, education, social schedules… it’s a lot!  So how on earth could we ALSO work on our own personal goals at this time? 

Most of us with big goals have been thrown a bit off course, and in many ways lost motivation to pursue anything at this time.  When we look at our lives we see this massive COVID hurdle in our way and finding the mental energy to leap over this feels nearly impossible.  It requires us to get creative and really think outside the box, and It is hard!  Do you ever find yourself thinking, maybe this isn’t the right time to do it?  Or maybe saying, it shouldn’t be this hard? 

Here’s the truth- It’s important to have goals, even during tough times because growth remains...

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