Life Coaching Tip of the Week- Feel the Love: Felt Gratitude

The month of November is upon us and amidst the election craziness and continued rising pandemic infection rate numbers, I’d like to take a little time out and focus our attention on some positivity.  This is why this month I introduced the idea of "A Month of Gratitude challenge" on my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook).  I want to try to focus our energy on what we can control in our lives, and to point out the awesomeness that’s already there.  I’m not trying to put blinders on you and block out all the concerns and happenings in the world, I just know that it isn’t healthy (mentally or physically) to give all your attention to something that provokes stress and negativity.  In knowing this, I want to help provide a little outlet or ray of light in your day where you can change gears, take a deep breath, and know that everything will be ok because YOU are in charge.  November after all is traditionally a month of...

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