If I Were to Get a Tattoo...

The other day I was scouring the internet looking for a quote to share on my Instagram feed that would express some type of sentiment about “the quest for happiness” and I came across a quote from a man named Steve Maraboli.  Now the quote is irrelevant, but my search for a quote deepened because finding this quote also led me to research the quote author since I never want to make the mistake of sharing a quote made by a jerk.  My research brought my attention to a book written by Steve Maraboli called, “Pretend God Is Deaf,” and I became instantly shook.  I did not read this book, I truly have no idea what it’s even about, but the mere thought of pretending God is deaf led me down a spiral of thoughts and an almost instant state of flow, I knew I had to open up the laptop and start writing.


I do not have any tattoos.  Not because I have anything against them, I truly don’t, but because I fear that once I start,...

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If She Can, You Can- Interview with Christin O'Connor and Jill Williams, co-creators of My Friend's Friend

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2021


If you have ever "googled" to find recommendations for "the best" anything... this is the episode for you!  In this episode you will hear from co-creators of the Instagram account, My Friend's Friend @my_friends_friend, Christin O'Connor and Jill Williams.  This account is your one-stop-shop for recommendations on things from baby items, to fall fashion, to even dinner recipes!  Christin and Jill are former co-workers and current friends who know the power of word of mouth and crowd sourcing.  They give THE BEST recommendations, and also have the best business ideas!

In this episode you will hear all about their decision to create this business together, hear their advice on working from home and going into business with a friend, and their amazing ideas for the future!!

This is a candid conversation about what it's like to Dream- Decide- Dedicate- and Do!  This account is 100% a must follow, and I'm sure you will love hearing from these 2 and...

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What Type of Mindset Do You Have?


Do you ever wonder why some people seem to always have success with anything they do?  Like the world is rigged in their favor?  

In this episode you will learn all about the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset and why you need growth mindset to have success.  


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What To Do If You've Fallen Off Track

Summer months are tough when it comes to goals.  Kids are home and our high hopes of making positive changes in our lives are exchanged for busy days with kids, vacations, late nights and the demands of life.  

Luckily I have some good news for you.  You aren't alone!  This happens to everyone and you are not a failure.  Use this as a time to regroup and do a little examination of how you have been going about things.  So many people have this problem, and It isn't your fault!  

In this episode I show you a clear path to what you want by examining 3 important things.  Once you nail this down, you will be able to jump back on any time you fall off track!  

Interested in doing some more work in this area?  Join the Mindset Makeover!  3 nights of virtual fun where we work on mindset, goals, confidence, relationships, fashion, and wellness.  You will NOT want to miss it!!





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If She Can, You Can- Interview with Jennifer Conlon, Life and Style Coach

Ahh it's been awhile but I'm back!  I took a few weeks off to focus on the kids while they're home for the summer, but I'm comin' in HOT for August and starting off with an incredible interview with Life and Style Coach, Jennifer Conlon!  Jennifer shares her own struggles with style, and gives us 5 amazing tips to style our way to confidence.  So if you've been on the style struggle bus, this is the episode for you.

“As a certified professional coach focused on life and style coaching, Jenn helps women transform so they can look good on the outside while feeling beautiful & confident on the inside.”
FYI-Consults can be scheduled through links in my bios at: outsideinfashion on IG and FB at JenniferConnor Conlon. 

In addition, Jennifer is going to be joining me for my Mindset Makeover workshop in August!  This is a 3 night virtual workshop (August 17, 18, and 19 at 8pm) where we'll be focusing on...

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If "HE" Can, You Can- Interview with Tim Maudlin of DoWhatYouCanNow.com

If you haven't noticed, this week's interview is not with a "SHE", but a "HE"!  I had the opportunity to interview Tim Maudlin of DoWhatYouCanNow.com and I had to pounce on it!  

Tim Maudlin, an architectural illustrator and professional encourager wows us with his story and insight on life.  I feel so privileged to have had the chance to speak with him and pick his brain!  

Together with his wife Mary Beth (that's right, another Tim and Mary Beth!!) they've raised 2 adoptive sons, and Tim shares about their struggles and solutions to many of life's problems in this episode.  He really drives home the importance of getting your thoughts down on paper through journaling, which you KNOW is so important to me.  In addition, he shares an amazing gift for you, my listeners, that will blow your mind!!  It's so special, I know you're going to LOVE it!

Check out his episode below and please check out his special journey on Instagram here ...

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If She Can, You Can FAQs Answered!


In this episode of If She Can, You Can I tackle all your frequently asked questions!  Anywhere from podcast questions, to coaching questions, to questions about balancing kids and business (hint- there's no such thing as balance! ha!)

To learn more about my upcoming workshops, make sure you sign up for my newsletter here!

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Just Say No to Feeling Overwhelmed This Summer

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021


In this episode of If She Can, You Can I talk about the 3 key things you can do to beat summer overwhelm and how you can have the best summer of your life!

As mentioned in the episode, below is a printable for you and your family to create a Summer Bucket List!  Print out one for each member of your family and together create the best summer ever.  Don't forget to actually add these things to your calendar!

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If She Can, You Can- Interview with Hypnotist, Rachel Strabley

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be hypnotized?

Check out this episode of If She Can, You Can with hypnotist, Rachel Strabley!


In this episode you will learn all about what hypnosis is, what it is NOT, and how it can help you!


Rachel actually hypnotized me and we're going to be talking about it LIVE on Instagram!  Make sure you check It out!


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If She Can, You Can- Interview with Dana Hayes, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

In this episode of If She Can, You Can I interview a very special person named Dana Hayes.  Dana is a certified Feng Shui consultant and energy healer, but I was initially drawn to Dana for a different reason.  I found Dana on Instagram when I was searching for ways to help a friend who had recently revealed that she was struggling with alcohol addiction.  Unaware of the severity of the problem I went out looking for some inspiration for my friend on social media, and I came across Dana's account.  In hindsight, Instagram probably wasn't the best choice to look for help for a friend but I found the hope I needed through Dana.  Dana shares all about her journey to sobriety on IG and gives it ALL in this episode.  She is on a path to greatness!  This episode helped me realize exactly what kind of hold true addiction really has on a person and what needs to happen for a person to move on and change their life.  This episode is really powerful, I...

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